St. Charles Parish Officially Selected as Host of High-Speed Data Center

In a quest to find a local establishment that can double as the center for a high-speed data hub, our team has been fortunate enough to secure space with the St. Charles Parish in Louisiana. It’s not an everyday occurrence when an establishment so refined and so central to the local community is willing to join in the technological revolution, which is why we applaud St. Charles Parish and the greater community for jumping onboard.
Following a 10-year contract award that we were able to secure with our client, we were tasked with finding a space that could double as a high-speed data center for all of their Internet needs and demands. After meeting with local stakeholders, community personnel, and nonprofits, we are so excited to break ground as a crypto mining expert right here in Lousiana.
“The decision to move to St. Charles Parish to build our data center was an easy choice given the support of the local community, business leaders, and the Economic Development Director Corey Faucheux and Parish President Larry Cochran,” said Lyle Theriot, Whinstone’s COO. “With community backing like this, we felt the confidence to move forward with a much-needed and cutting edge data center, right here in Metairie.”
Within our new data center, we will be supporting clients with our services, including our diverse background in construction and technology underlying mining centers. Leveraging our automated systems that monitor thousands of machines in real-time, including problem-solving capabilities that happen in just seconds, we are able to keep miners running at all times. Plus, with our state of the art cooling system, managed infrastructure, and custom-built software solutions, we’re an end-to-end resource that companies need partners like Whinstone.
“Our team here in Germany, as well as in the U.S., has worked hard to build a partnership with several of our International Clients,” said Aroosh Thillainathan, Whinstone’s CEO. “Incredibly excited for what the future will bring, we are at the forefront of cryptocurrency technology and development today. We believe it is poised to change the world, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our partners and stakeholders. Let’s get to work!
Our clients offer services to consumers across the globe. As a result, they require expansive data centers in multiple locations work together to arrive at their final goal. As a collaborative entity ourselves, we are thrilled that they have sought out our expertise on the matter, and can’t wait to work together through the construction and management of their data center.
We believe that the future belongs to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which is why we are incredibly passionate about what we do as a team here at Whinstone US, LLC. We’re looking forward to a prosperous and technological-filled 2019.

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