Japanese Firms SBI and GMO Join the Digital Gold Rush in Texas



By Jamie Redman

The city of Rockdale, Texas is attracting attention again, similar to the interest the region saw back in the fifties when the Alcoa aluminum smelting facility set up shop. These days, Rockdale’s change is due to the influx of bitcoin miners coming to town from all around the world. A Frankfurt-based operation called Whinstone Inc., recently revealed plans to build a 100-acre mining facility in Rockdale, and so far the plant has attracted clients like SBI Holdings and GMO Internet.

On Tuesday, reports detailed that two of Japan’s major financial firms have opted to join the Northern Bitcoin AG subsidiary Whinstone Inc., mining bitcoin in the small city of Rockdale, Texas. Financial columnists Eyk Henning and Vanessa Dezem disclosed that “people familiar with the matter” explained that Whinstone’s operation has attracted SBI Holdings and GMO Internet. Whinstone announced on November 1 that the firm acquired a 100-acre site that will be used to power 300 Megawatts (MW) of mining rigs.

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